First Doctor


Time Lord

Place Of Origin:


First Seen In:

The Journey Begins

Main Actor:

Peter Cushing (Likeness)

??? (Voice)

List Of Companions:

Alessa Whitmore


Series 1 -

Following Incarnation:

No information

Last Seen In:

No information

Cause Of Regeneration:

No information


1 - ??? years old

The First Doctor is the first incarnation of the renegade Time Lord known as 'The Doctor' in the alternate universe/timeline of Doctor Who Rebirth. He was a caring individual and would often step out of his own comfort zone to help those in need, specifically dangerous situations. He was heavily ridiculed and bullied in Time Lord society which is what lead him into stealing a TARDIS and beginning his adventures through time and space as an act against the Time Lord Interference Policy and his distaste for it, of which he would speak out against many times.

Throughout his travels his personality would soon darken due to the horrors of the universe and would go from a kind, gentle man into a more cunning and manipulative person, although that deep seated caring and loving demeanor would still remain.

For the first three hundred years of his travels, putting him around the age of 407 he traveled alone seeing the sights the universe had to offer, until he arrived on Earth in July of 2018 and would find himself meeting his first companion, Alessa Whitmore a homeless woman in her early 20s whom he would soon develop a close bond, and friendship with. Feeling connected at them both being without a home (with him having left Gallifrey) he decided to bring Alessa with him and show her the wonders of time and space.

Appearance Edit

By the time he stole the TARDIS and ran away from Gallifrey he appeared to look like a man in his early 50s who had short brown hair which he would keep combed back and had bright blue eyes.

He also looked slightly gaunt in his face, with a narrow, hooked noise. People generally perceived him as always looking grumpy or moody, but he would shrug that off as the luck of the draw in having a face like his.

Clothing Edit

The Doctor preferred to stick to wearing dark colours and wore mostly black. He wore a long black frock coat that ended around his knees and wore a black silk vest underneath, finished off with a cotton black undershirt and a black Victorian style ascot around his neck.