Series 1
Original run 2018
Number of episodes 10
Doctor First Doctor
Companion(s) Alessa Whitmore

The first series of Doctor Who Rebirth is scheduled to release some time in 2018 and will feature the first incarnation of The Doctor in the Rebirth timeline and will be using the likeness of Peter Cushing and is voiced by unnamed actor/actress and will feature 10 episodes.

Series 1Edit

Episode Number Overall Number Name Directed by Written by
1 1 The Journey Begins J.W. Ross J.W. Ross
The initial journey of The Doctor who lands in modern day London, England and finds a homeless woman named Alessa Whitmore whom he immediately feels a connection with due to her homelessness. He also discovers that something sinister is dwelling within a series of paintings around the city who seem to be snatching people up and consuming them.
2 2 A Game of Years J.W. Ross J.W. Ross
The Doctor wanting to show Alessa the true wonder of the TARDIS decides to take her into the far future to a casino on the planet Delta Terra 4. However, things are a bit more sinister than expected when they discover that the patrons at the casino must gamble with years of their lives.
3 3 Night of the Dalek J.W. Ross J.W. Ross
While taking Alessa back from a trip in Victorian England, the TARDIS lands in the middle of the woods after answering a distress call and finding themselves trying to aid a group of teenagers being hunted down one by one, by one of The Doctor's oldest enemies, a Dalek.
4 4 The Man With A Thousand Words J.W. Ross J.W. Ross
Curious about meeting her favourite historical figure, The Doctor takes Alessa back in time to Providence, Rhode Island in the United States in 1937 to meet the famous H.P. Lovecraft before his death, only The Doctor doesn't realize he's thrown the two of them into a major mystery surrounding the man himself.
5 5 Hounds on the Moor J.W. Ross J.W. Ross
The Doctor and Alessa arrive in Victorian England and are thrust into a mystery surrounding vanishing locals and strange large dogs being seen out on the moor. This episode is loosely inspired by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's, The Hound of the Baskervilles.
6 6 The Ice Keepers J.W. Ross J.W. Ross
Wanting to see more of other planets, The Doctor takes Alessa to Pluto in the near future of 2057 and find themselves in the middle of a human colony, but for some reason the colony appears to be empty with no sense of life, yet something seems to be lurking beneath the ice.
7 7 Honey I Shrunk The Doctor J.W. Ross J.W. Ross

The Doctor is miniaturized by a strange malfunction from the TARDIS and must now be carried around by Alessa to keep him safe all while trying to figure out how this happened and to restore him to his former size.

8 8 Planet of the Angels J.W. Ross J.W. Ross
Arriving at the Museum of Galactic History in the year 54,059 to show off some amazing historic artifacts, The Doctor and Alessa soon discover that the museum is full of terrifying, ancient creatures. The Weeping Angels.
9 9 The Carnival at the End of Time J.W. Ross J.W. Ross
10 10 Ode to Sleep J.W. Ross J.W. Ross
The finale of Series 1 and features the departure of Alessa Whitmore as a companion.